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Wosler: Patient-
Centred Care and Innovation


Wosler Corporation revolutionizes healthcare delivery globally by leveraging advanced robotics, telecommunications, and AI-driven diagnostics. Our technology empowers healthcare providers by streamlining workflows, reducing occupational risks, and boosting job satisfaction, ensuring that high-quality care is accessible anytime, anywhere.


We envision a future where healthcare providers thrive in an efficient, rewarding, and safe environment, supported by our state-of-the-art technologies. This future includes a seamlessly integrated healthcare ecosystem that adapts to ongoing changes, ensuring every individual, regardless of location, has access to exceptional care. Our vision transforms the global healthcare landscape into a dynamic, interconnected network that prioritizes the well-being of providers and patients alike.

Patient-centered experience

“We are all patients.”

Never compromising on standards or our values, our offices are welcoming and accessible. Our team of radiologists, sonographers, and technicians are experienced professionals who align with Wosler’s mission and vision-they have your best interest at heart.

Our 7 


Quality is paramount in every facet of our operations, from research and development to customer interactions. We are committed to delivering products and services that meet the highest standards of excellence, ensuring that healthcare providers can depend on the reliability and effectiveness of our solutions to enhance patient care.


We are dedicated to removing barriers to healthcare access, particularly for underserved and remote populations. This commitment drives us to develop solutions that extend the reach of quality medical care, ensuring that location, socioeconomic status, or other barriers do not prevent individuals from receiving the healthcare they need.


We are committed to sustainability that encompasses both environmental responsibility and the enduring viability of our business operations. This dual focus involves using resources responsibly, minimizing waste, and deploying business strategies that ensure long-term prosperity. By integrating these sustainable practices, we support a healthier planet and ensure that our operations are future-proof, benefiting both the environment and the global community.


At Wosler, we foster a culture that prioritizes groundbreaking advancements in healthcare technology. We encourage creative problem-solving and continuous technological enhancements to redefine healthcare delivery. This includes developing new solutions and continuously improving upon existing technologies to effectively address both current and emerging healthcare challenges.


We recognize that the best solutions come from diverse inputs. Thus, we value strong partnerships with healthcare professionals, industry experts, other healthcare organizations and academic institutions. These collaborations are essential for designing solutions that are not only innovative but also practical and aligned with the real-world needs of users at the front lines of healthcare.


Empathy is central to our approach. We have a deep understanding of and respect for the experiences of not only patients but also healthcare providers. By designing user-centric solutions, we ensure that our technologies enhance the healthcare experience, addressing the specific needs, challenges, and comforts of our end users.


Embracing adaptability is crucial for us as the healthcare landscape is constantly evolving. Our ability to adapt to technological changes, regulatory updates, and shifting market needs is key. By being flexible and responsive, we continually meet the demands of the healthcare sector, providing innovative and effective solutions that keep pace with global trends.

Wosler News

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 7.13.25 AM.png

Wosler wins semifinalist in the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 7.05.58 AM.png

Wosler nominated for Alberta Business Award for outstanding business practices and innovation

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Calgary Wosler Diagnostics opens its doors with no wait ultrasound, X-rays, pain management

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