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Access to quality healthcare services for all

Solving challenges in healthcare drives our technology parent company.


Stony Rapids
and Black Lake

The main hospital for the Stony Rapids and Black Lake Indigenous communities is operated by the Athabasca Health Authority, on Chicken 224 First Nation’s Reserve near Stony Rapids, SK. Ultrasound services are provided by a sonographer who visits the facility approximately 1 day per month. 

Patients needing emergency ultrasound are required to travel over 900 km to the nearest ultrasound clinics in Prince Albert or Saskatoon. Travelling from Stoney Rapids by ground or air transportation are significantly limited by poor weather conditions and availability

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Fully Accessible Diagnostic Healthcare

... Anywhere

Wosler is championing emerging healthcare technologies focused on diagnostics. A remote solution for ultrasounds is in the works where a sonographer and patient can be in different locations, making ultrasounds much more accessible to people who don’t reside within urban centres.

Our Solution

Wosler's SonoSystem lets sonographers perform scans on their patients from anywhere through the power and versatility of teleoperated robotics!

We are building a platform of interconnected devices to enable the efficient and cost-effective delivery of healthcare services.


Wosler Diagnostics is led by a team of experienced medical and technology experts, including: 


Henry Madubuobi, M.D.

Radiology resident with more than a decade of healthcare experience.

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Riyaan Hassen, M.D. 

Chief Medical Officer

Family physician, entrepreneur and angel investor.

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John Paolo Pana, R.N.

Registered nurse with significant healthcare experience, as well as connections in rural and Indigenous communities.

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Leah Groves

Leah Groves PhD

Chief Science Officer

PhD in biomedical engineering specializing in medical imaging, with expertise in ultrasound imaging, spatial tracking, machine-learning, advanced visualizations, calibration and surgical navigation.

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Marco Gallone, M.E.Sc.


Masters degree in mechatronics and biomedical engineering. An expert in haptic technologies and their applications in medical devices. 

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Arash Zohoor, M.D.

Co-founded, operated and scaled a successful online B2C & B2B mental health marketplace.

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Peter Fenwick

Former Vice-President Strategy at Greenshield

Expert Advisor Innovate Calgary

Former Senior Provincial Director, 

Major Initiatives at AHS

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Professor James Lacefield

Director School of Biomedical Engineering at Western University

Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Medical Biophysics

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Wosler wins semifinalist in the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

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Wosler nominated for Alberta Business Award for outstanding business practices and innovation

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Calgary Wosler Diagnostics opens its doors with no wait ultrasound, X-rays, pain management

Be the change for the future of healthcare

Supporting Wosler Diagnostics clinics means supporting the mission of Wosler and allowing us to continue investing in and innovating new, cutting edge technology that will change the face of healthcare forever.

The future is now.

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